• See our article on the upcoming changes in Trust Law.
    Posted: Monday 22 January 2018
  • Often the reading of the will is nothing like you see on TV or the movies.
    Posted: Wednesday 6 July 2016
  • Finances in a breakup can be a bone of contention especially if children are involved. This article has some helpful tips.
    Posted: Tuesday 5 July 2016
  • SuperGold Card
    We are now a business partner for the SuperGold Card so if you hold one please come along and see what we can offer you or check out the SuperGold Card website below and once in click on Financial & Professional Services then click on Legal Services then in keywords type in Chris Royfee Law.
    Posted: Monday 13 April 2015
  • Passing on your worldly goods can be complicated... see our very helpful article on just this subject under the Publications tab.
    Posted: Thursday 29 May 2014
  • A guaranteed way to save on a home loan is to have equity rich parents help by guaranteeing their child's or children's loan. Have a look at this helpful article on just this under our Publications tab.
    Posted: Wednesday 16 April 2014
  • Check out the new Gift Duty articles under the Publications tab, now updated and very informative.
    Posted: Tuesday 15 April 2014
  • What do you do when you inherit land or property and you wish to protect it for future generations and not have it end up as a bargaining chip in the event of death or divorce. Well this article may well be able to give you an insight on what you can do.
    Posted: Friday 1 November 2013
  • Divorce not something easily contemplated but if it does happen what then happens to any trust that you may be in together. Read our very informative article on this subject under our Publications tab.
    Posted: Tuesday 15 October 2013
  • KiwiSaver an easy way to save for your retirement or buy your first home. For whatever reason this is a really helpful and informative article on the benefits of being in a KiwiSaver scheme no matter your age.
    Posted: Tuesday 3 September 2013
  • Have you been or are you going to become a Guarantor then please read the article Guarantees for handy tips. Also are your affairs in order, another handy article on this, something we all have to think about eventually.
    Posted: Thursday 29 August 2013
  • How long since you have reviewed your Employment Agreement. Check out a few helpful hints to keep them current in this new article under our Publications menu tab.
    Posted: Tuesday 20 August 2013
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    Posted: Tuesday 2 July 2013
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    Posted: Tuesday 2 July 2013
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    Posted: Wednesday 19 June 2013
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    Posted: Tuesday 19 February 2013

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